About ISS Co


Our specialty is in the luxury sector that demands a higher level of customization, engineering and expertise in communication and execution of details.

  • Factory direct transactions without middlemen which means better communication with our customers and no additional markups.
  • Every item produced comes with dimensioned shop drawings and sectional drawings
  • A proven track record of successful collaboration with Iran's top Architects and contractors
  • High quality european machines producing high quality windows.
  • High quality installation is a priority of from our installation teams which follow our strict installation guidelines.





Ali Radmard


Shahram Radmard

Operations Manager

Mohammad Taghi Farid

Production Manager

Majid Khorrami

Production Assistant Manager

Mahsa Roostaei

Engineering Department Manager

Ashkan Zerang

Engineering Department

Khashayar Kafashtalab

Engineering Department

Mostafa Ajerloo

Engineering Department


Abbass Sharifi

Accounts Departement

Mina Talebi

Management Assistant

Saman Daraie

Installations Departement

Popular Products

  • S70+ System Description

    Standard window in the 70 mm series with good Insulation of Uf = 1.9 W/m²K

    • Symmetrical, stable structural design with
  • F50+ | F60+ System Description

    Standard curtain wall system with 50 or 60 mm face width

    • Ucw values 0.76 to1.8 W/m2K in accordance with DIN EN ISO
  • SC180 - System Description

    Premium lifting sliding door with 80 mm sash profile depth and a peak value of Uf = 2,0 W/m²K

    • Symmetrical profile
  • S70v+ - System Description

    Standard window in the 70 mm series with concealed sash and good Insulation of Uf = 2.1 W/m²K

    • Symmetrical, stable

ISS News

  • Mashinary Installation

    ISS is proud to have purchased the latest CNC machining center and double head saw from Emmegi Italy which is the world's largest manufacturer of window machinery.

    With this purchase we hope to increase our quality and production capacity in order to decrease our delivery times and increase our customer satisfaction.

    News URL

Upcoming Projects


Today, energy is a determining factor in the construction of buildings. Modern architecture demands constant improvement of the energy efficiency and quality of windows, doors and curtain wall systems. Energy efficiency and sustainability mean lower energy consumption through structurally well-insulated, durable building systems with a long useful life resulting from the optimal quality of the product.


GUTMANN and its worldwide network of partners have taken up the challenge and work together to create Green Envelopes for every type of building - from private homes to large commercial facilities. GUTMANN is dedicated to pushing innovation limits further and further; our objective is to develop high-end German engineering solutions based on certain values such as energy, design, quality.


Factory Location

Showroom Location

The main focus of our operations is on our clients and partners, with whom we strive to maintain long-term successful cooperation.
We are adamant in pursuing our goals and taking measures for correction on a day to day basis.


Contact Us

Factory: No. 181, 8th Km Karaj specific Road

Showroom: Unit 4, 4th Floor,No.18, Eastern Ghobadian St, Afriqa Blvd

General: info@iss-co.com
Sales: sales@iss-co.com

Factory: +9821 4452 9993~8
Fax: +9821 4450 4795
Showroom: +9821 8819 1287


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